Flower Power

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Spring has sprung and I am finally on spring break. I am really proud of the outfit posted because it’s super affordable and I somewhat broke through my distaste for fast fashion. I really needed to update my wardrobe, but didn’t have the cash-money to blow at my typical shopping spots. I hit up the Grove and reluctantly entered a Forever 21 with my girlfriend. I don’t like fast fashion, I don’t like mainstream and I don’t like feeling like I am buying something that every other girl has in her closet as well. Thing is, with fast fashion, the trends change so much that you actually won’t be walking around wearing the same thing as everyone else.  

 We stopped into Forever 21 and did a quick walk through, I silently decided there was NOTHING in the store for me. Luckily, the friend I was with didn’t give up so easily. She pointed out a few cute items and I decided to do one more walk through of Forever 21, but this time I was going to treat it like vintage clothes shopping. One of my favorite things about vintage shopping, is piecing outfits together that you wouldn’t think would go together – a special and unique piece paired with an equally special and unique piece. Or you can take a somewhat dull piece and pair it with a flashy piece and suddenly the entire outfit needs its own photoshoot. I always feel really proud of myself when I am able to look past what may seem like an “OK” article of clothing and pair it with something else to make the ideal ensemble. That’s what I did with Forever 21. 

Before I knew it, I was heading to the dressing room with 12 pieces of clothing. I loved everything I tried on! The next night I had a magazine cover release party to attend for Annex Magazine and ended up wearing a whole outfit by Forever 21. The next night I had a date and wore the outfit pictured above and received a flurry of compliments. So, in conclusion, I have changed my stance on Forever 21….or I understand it rather. It is an awesome way to keep up with the trends of the time and still keep your bank account unharmed. I actually am looking forward to the next time I can “vintage shop” at Forever 21 😉 

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My Rooftop Terrace


The rooftop terrace at my apartment building is super awesome! It overlooks downtown L.A.- which is a magical place in itself. In addition to the cool amenities, movies are projected on the walls every night, making for the perfect movie under the stars type night.  Today I took in the overcast skies of Los Angeles and reflected on how awesome my life is. I live in this amazing city, going to an amazing school, and I have amazing people in my life. I am happy. Every day I surprise myself with how accustomed I have become to city life. Coming from a small town, of course, I dreamed of the big city, but there were days that I wasn’t sure I was ever going to make it. However, those days were far and few between…I knew I was meant for the city and now that I am here, I finally feel home! 

Can’t wait to share what’s next in my life after this year, but for now let’s enjoy these hazy L.A. skies…

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