Cheers Y’all!

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So I said that I would post some pics from my all girls Valentines day. I don’t know why our dumb asses didn’t take any pictures together, but we got plenty of pictures of the food and drinks we had. We had 2 bottles of champagne and 4 bottles of wine. We also had 3 boxes of chocolates, I made homemade chocolate chip cookies (I would post my secret recipe, but it is a secret for a reason ;)) , chocolate covered strawberries, and 2 boxes of pizza. Pathetic? naaaah. It went exactly how you are probably picturing in your mind right now. 6 tipsy, loud, slightly ghetto girls, yapping about money, sex, men, fashion, other girls, and laughing so hard we almost pee ourselves. Our set up looked classy, but we are not, ha. We met at my friend, Lisette’s apartment and it is totally chic. You can tell she is a fashion student. She has fashion art on her walls, and a mint blue leather tufted sofa, Vera Wang wedding, Vogue, and other fashion books as coffee table reads. It was one of the best Valentines Day I have ever had. Your girls never let you down and I think any girl can agree that our true soul mates are our best girlfriends anyways right? 


Feeling Retro

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Being a Gemini, I find my alter ego(s) making an appearance quite often. For the most part, my style is very edgy. I have never felt comfortable in “cutesy” dresses. I am not a huge fan of pink and I don’t care for anything that has too many frills and bows. I do not like to call myself a tomboy, because I am not, but I am not girly in the sense where I spend hours on my hair; I rarely brush it. I have yet to master the art of blowing my hair out. I manage to tangle my hair in the round brush while the blow dryer  blows my whole head of hair and everything on my bathroom sink in the opposite direction; it is really pathetic. Yesterday I accidentally blew dry my hair tie and lip gloss into the bathroom trash. In addition to my sucky vanity skills, I suck at makeup and feel like a drag queen if I am wearing too much (if I am wearing eye shadow, I feel I am wearing too much makeup). I cant wear heels past 4″ and I think my brother could paint my nails better than me. I have all these amazing nail polish colors knowing damn well I cant paint my nails for shit. They look really great as decoration in my bathroom though :). My friend (pictured with me in this post) pointed out to me that I need a manicure, ha. It is a full time job being a girl, sometimes I feel like I cant keep up, but then again I don’t really care 😉

So I just went on that long rant about being a girl just to tell you that in the last couple of days I have been feeling very girly. I even curled my hair! I found myself gravitating toward pastels, skirts, dresses, sparkle, and even pink. Don’t know how long it will last, but it’s been fun. I felt very retro in this polka dot dress, nude lips, and Prada sunnies.  With this look, I did feel the need to give it a little edge by adding studded booties. I originally had flats on, but I felt a little too distant from myself. 

Dress American Eagle Cardigan Zara Booties Deena and Ozzy Sunglasses Prada Bag Stella McCartney