Buti Yoga


I’ve been working out since I was 12. Health and fitness was always a big deal to my mom and it was singed into my mind at a young age. I have tried it all when it comes to work outs: Barre Method, pilates, yoga, yogalosophy (ANOTHER GREAT WORKOUT!), Insanity (completed it twice), P90X, Kickboxing, Tracy Anderson, ChaLEAN Extreme, Jillian Michaels, and just about every BeachBody workout. I was also in the military, so working out was part of my job. Out of all the workouts I have tried, I see the most results with pilates, yoga, TA, and cardio; these workouts also bring me the most “peace”-I genuinely enjoy doing these workouts. I get bored very easily with workouts and have a hard time committing to just one. One day I was reading an article on Jennifer Love Hewitt in Shape magazine and she contributed Buti Yoga for her phsyice. So naturally, I scrammed to the computer to read up on this workout and O.M.G. It’s a combination of yoga, dance, and cardio strength moves. What a brilliant idea! It was invented by Bizzie Gold (you can read her bio here) and she has mastered the art of making you feel sexy when working out, but badass also! I NEVER get bored with her workouts and I always feel super sexy when doing it, which I think is really important for all us girls to feel-especially when working out. When doing BUTI, you not only get the Zen of yoga, but u also get the motivation to keep going with the sexy hip shaking movements she has you do, and you’re dripping sweat the whole time because it’s a SERIOUS cardiovascular workout as well. Go try it now!