Griffith Observatory

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If there is one thing you do while visiting Los Angeles, visit Griffith Observatory. As you could probably tell from my Runyon Canyon post, I love nature and am very moved by it. The view from the observatory is breath-taking. It overlooks the Los Angeles basin and there is a serene calmness in the air that overcomes your entire body. I also grew up obsessed with astronomy, so naturally the observatory and all of their space and science displays were so cool to me. They also have a park that I didn’t get to spend much time in, but I plan on going back to do some hiking. I can’t say enough good things about this place. It is the type of place where you think of everyone in your life who would enjoy coming here and a plan a way to get them here. Do you do that? Or is it just me? I love sharing moments with people, so I am constantly doing that. Unlike most places in Los Angeles, the parking is free (which makes me wanna do the cabbage patch dance every time). So, you really can plan a stress free day of heading up to Griffith, checking out the scenery, park for free ( currently dancing), chill for as long as you like, enjoy a packed lunch, and just enjoy the simplicity of it all. I really enjoyed taking pictures here, the lighting was great and the weather was perfect! I hope we were able to capture a little bit of the essence of Griffith that day. Enjoy!

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