My Rooftop Terrace


The rooftop terrace at my apartment building is super awesome! It overlooks downtown L.A.- which is a magical place in itself. In addition to the cool amenities, movies are projected on the walls every night, making for the perfect movie under the stars type night.  Today I took in the overcast skies of Los Angeles and reflected on how awesome my life is. I live in this amazing city, going to an amazing school, and I have amazing people in my life. I am happy. Every day I surprise myself with how accustomed I have become to city life. Coming from a small town, of course, I dreamed of the big city, but there were days that I wasn’t sure I was ever going to make it. However, those days were far and few between…I knew I was meant for the city and now that I am here, I finally feel home! 

Can’t wait to share what’s next in my life after this year, but for now let’s enjoy these hazy L.A. skies…

Jacket Karl Lagerfield, Corset Top Nasty Gal, Pants Blu Pepper, Necklace Dogeared Jewelry, Sunglasses RayBans, Clutch Express


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